You are an electronic music producer, a metal head, a rocker and have a little budget ?
You just want to create music without caring about equalizing, compression, limiting, mixing, mastering and all the other bothering technical things ?
You need someone to give your tracks the last finalizing that will blast you up ?
You are in a band, you just got a proposition from a label, an agent, a promoter, a venue, a producer, a compilation, a magazine... and you have no idea how does music business work ?
My-Master-Mix will help you to resolve all these problems !

My-Master-Mix is based near Mannheim (Germany), our team is composed of several professional sound engineers and music business experts with many years of operating experience.
Feel free to drop us a line in french, german or english, we’ll answer within four business days.

Digital Mastering
You send us your mixdown, we will make it louder and brighter! Digital mastering is only software based, it provides the final gloss on your music that helps it shine out above others, making it loud but clear and most of all, pleasurable to listen to.

Stem Mastering
You don’t have the budget for a full mixing and mastering service, but you want more than just a digital mastering? Stem mastering is the perfect solution for you! It’s a method of mixing/mastering audio material based on creating groups of audio tracks and processing them separately prior to combining them into a final master mix. Stems are also sometimes referred to as submixes, subgroups, or busses. Send us up to 6 stereo tracks (groups: for example drum group, vocals group, synth group, bass group and guitar group) and we will mix and master them.

Analog Mastering
You like it old school? The true beauty of sound is analog. Analog mastering is the enhancement of stereo audio mixes using outboard gear - that is, anything that is not software based. The sound is rich, full, clear and consistent.

Mixing + Mastering
You know you created a hit but it doesn’t sound like you want? We will mix your single tracks to take the best of your song out. Audio mixing is the process by which multiple recorded sounds are combined into one or more channels, most commonly 2-channel stereo. In the process, we will manipulate the source signals' level, frequency content, dynamics, panoramic position and will add effects such as reverb, delay... In other words, we will put together the parts of what you have recorded, making sure everything hangs together right, and putting some finishing touches on things.

Music business consulting
You are an artist, not a business man and you don’t understand what a record company, a manager, a promoter or a digital label want from you? You don’t know how does work a performance right organisation like GEMA (Germany) or SACEM (France)? You got a contract/agreement and don’t understand what it means? We will help you to understand these mechanisms and to avoid rip-offs.

How does MMM work ?

1. Send us your song(s)/tracks to (send a download link, for example with, or send us a CD/DVD.

2. We do the mastering, mixing or both (within 1 week).

3. You will get a download link to download a preview of your song(s).

4. If you like the work, you will get the invoice, you pay it via paypal or bank transfer and you will get a link to download the final mastered song(s).

MMM Player

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